Anna Prints

Unique designs. Eco friendly printing. Organic textiles. Recycled paper

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Anna Prints finally became reality in late 2012. The designs came first. Ideas springing from all manner of places, but more often than not inspired by the beautiful Welsh countryside and my lovely friends and family. Next came the studio. Luckily I found a free corner of space in a beautiful old barn that used to house the village's Edwardian laundry (that used to launder the linen of the house that inspired Downton Abbey FYI). The studio, initially cobbled together from donated and home made kit, is slowly turning into a tiny screen-printing industry with more professional kit!

The current range of designs have been coming together over the past two years and are drawn from a range of inspirations. My interest in sustainablilty, my lovely friends and family who I think about and design for every day, my simple quiet lifestyle in the country have all gone into these designs. Setting up the business has taken quite a bit of energy and creativity in it's self and the process of printing has informed my designing and creative processes. 

I hope you enjoy the designs you see here and I look forward to bringing you new ones very soon! Enjoy!

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